About This Course

Everyone’s talking about the benefits of meditation. What’s all the hype about? Maybe you've tried meditating, but it makes you feel anything but calm. You can’t seem to quiet your mind, you get bored, or you even fall asleep…

We get it. As seasoned meditators, you’d better believe that we’ve been there. And we can help you.

Deanna Marcus has been teaching meditation since 1993, before it was cool. Deanna’s mission has always been to make meditation accessible, especially for people who aren't fluent in New Age philosophies.

In short, easily-digestible lessons, Deanna will teach you how to sit, breathe, and let go. It takes practice to sit quietly. This course will guide you through building a meditation practice without judgment. We’re here to learn, cultivate curiosity, and meditate together!

In this course you will:

  • Start your practice with 10 guided meditations
  • Learn the qualities of a meditative breath
  • Find your meditative posture
  • Create a meditation space that's personal to you
  • Reap the benefits of a consistent meditation practice, including increased productivity, focus, and connection, and decreased tension, stress, and anxiety