What role does your emotional landscape play in your life?

Maybe you’re feeling anxious and you can’t seem to catch your breath. Maybe you’re grieving from the loss of a loved one. Maybe that grief feels all consuming. We see you.

Most of us feel pressured to act in a way that makes other people feel comfortable and doesn’t necessarily represent how we feel. Many of us are suffering in silence. We often think we have to tough out hard times on our own, trying our best to not break down. You might feel like you have to show the world a happy face, but that just leaves you empty.

The truth is, resilience is born from the depth of our emotional experience. This is where the richness of life comes from. We’re all learning to attend to our emotional well being. When we learn to become more supple with our emotions and feelings, we begin to move through life with greater ease.

Together in this course, we'll study three main topics:

  • Emotions (energy in motion)
  • Resistance and non-resistance
  • Emotional resilience

When you join us in class, you’ll get immediate access to…

✔️5 video lessons about emotions, non-resistance, and emotional resilience

✔️6 guided meditations

✔️Reading materials and exercises related to each lesson

✔️Charts to help you visualize what you’re learning

✔️BONUS: Emotional resilience workshop


We’ll help you understand the root of where your emotions come from so that you can build emotional flexibility and agility.

There’s a lot of talk going around about “emotional resilience.” But what does that actually mean?

Emotional resilience is your ability to feel a range of emotions, even emotions that are hard to feel. You’re going to learn how to recognize and understand your emotional patterns. We’ll help you build flexibility and transition from one emotional state to the next. You’ll learn what it means to embrace a full range of emotional experience.

Most of us react from a place rooted in the past. We’ll help you get present within your emotional landscape so you can finally feel more peace within yourself.

The more you can embrace your feelings, the more resilient you become.

Meditation for Life III will help you...

  • ...build emotional flexibility
  • ...understand and practice non-resistance
  • ...be a better listener to yourself and others
  • ...get comfortable feeling a broad range of emotions
  • ...regulate your emotions with greater awareness and ease
  • ...view past experiences from a place of non-judgment

Emotional resilience is the art of acceptance. Join us and expand emotional resilience in your life.